Hey Everyone! I’m Not Dead!

Yep, I’m not dead. I know I haven’t posted since March Break, but don’t worry, I haven’t died, or given up on the blog. I’ve been pretty busy in real life with work from school, and helping some friends out with some personal problems (If you’re reading this, you know who you are). I promise that I’ll get the post of the month out soon guys.


Post-athon Day 5 Game of the Month: Anything But WoW

Well, it’s the last day of the post-athon, and that means the game of the month. This month, I picked “Anything but WoW”. I know this isn’t a game, but I just want to say that I’m really sick of MMORPGs all being the same thing. I know World of Warcraft isn’t the only one, and I don’t literally mean anything but WoW, but I kind of blame WoW for being the game that others copy, creating the plague of generic MMORPGs.

While I am criticizing a lot of MMOs, I do want to complement the games like Vindictus, Tera, Dragon Nest, and even Maplestory though many people make jokes about the ridiculous head size among other things. Even though a lot of people hate on Nexon, me being among them some times, I just want to say that Nexon makes some really great, unique games, that I really enjoy.

I’m not saying that World of Warcraft is bad or anything, but I blame it for being the role model for most of the MMOs out there, making them all identical clones of each other.  It’s not hard to make something unique, simply add something different, like maybe first person, ability to chain attacks and moves, something simple can make a game so much better, as well as unique.

You all have probably gotten my point, so there’s no need to go on. The true game of the month, goes to…

All those unique games that actually made something different, something that isn’t the generic “WoW Clone” as people call it. This was a half rant, half thanks about MMORPGs. I know none of you probably expected this, but I just wanted to get this out into the gaming community, because I know a whole lot of people are also tired of the generic MMORPGs of this time.

This is my opinion, feel free to tell me how you feel about this in the comments, or message me.

March Break Post-athon Day 4: Perfect World International

The 4th and last post-athon post before the Game of the Month is here. Tomorrow will be the game of the month, and I think you’re going to be really surprised when I post it. Perfect World Internation (PWI) is a game I played last year with some of my friends. It’s was fun for a while, but I got bored of it.

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March Break Post-athon Day 3: Gods War

Day 3 of the post-athon is here. I gotta say, I didn’t think this over very well since 1 day isn’t much time to do a well written and edited post. Whatever, I’m trying my best. Here’s another MMORPG from IGG.

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March Break Post-athon Day 2: Dragon Nest

Hey everyone. Day 2 of the post-athon now. I’m sure that you remember the release of Dragon Nest in North America if you’ve been with me for a while, but if you haven’t, I’ll tell you about it now.

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March Break Post-athon Day 1: Tales of Pirates

Hey everyone. The first day of the post-athon is here, and the first game is Tales of Pirates. Me and this game go way back. Me and my friends started playing this game years ago and I have some very fond memories of this game.

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March Break Post-athon

Hey everybody. I just wanted to let you guys know, that to celebrate March Break, I’ll be posting a new post every day of the break (Mar. 12th-16th) and ending it with the Game of the Month for March. I know that the game of the month was meant to be near the beginning of the month, but I like the anywhere during the month thing better. The theme for the posts will be MMOs. If you want to recommend me one, simply leave a comment.