Game of the Month: The Binding of Isaac

Well, it’s finally here. If any of you are religious (Don’t hate me, but I’m not), you might be thinking “Is this a religious game” because of the title. Well, it kind of is.

The story of this game is pretty much Isaac’s mom is an insane Christian that thinks she heard a message from god to kill her son, Isaac. Isaac finds out and escapes into his basement where, and this is what I’ve heard other people describe it as, he has to fight dead fetuses and other unspeakable things to ultimately, kill his mother. To get the full prologue, just watch this short video:

If you watched the video, than you’ve probably already guessed that it’s a pretty screwed up game, which it is. As you probably know, the game of the month is the game I enjoy the most that month, and I have to say, I really enjoy playing this game, mostly because of it’s endless replay value.

I found out about this game from Totalbiscuit’s 24 hour livestream for charity, but I really started playing it when ImmortalHD said in his question time video, that his favourite youtuber was probably Northernlion, and that he’d tried to sexually hi- That he’d tried to hit him up on youtube to do a dual commentary. I saw Northernlion’s let’s play of it and decided to try it. You can tell it has replay value because Northernlion’s up to like 137 videos.

The Binding of Isaac is basically an arcade style dungeon game. You run through randomly generated dungeons gathering items and upgrades to beat the boss on the level. Every floor has a room with a new item for you, a shop, a secret room with good items inside it, and a boss you have to beat to get to the next floor of the dungeon. Some floors might have an arcade where you can gamble, and a mini-boss based on the 7 seven sins.

As you play through the game, you will unlock new items and characters through getting different achievements. For example, 1 character, Cain, requires you to have 55 coins at any time during a playthrough. Each character has different traits. Isaac, you’re starting character is rather balanced between health, damage, and speed. Cain is a high risk, high reward type of character with low health, but high damage. Magdalene is a safe character with high health, but low damage and speed. As mentioned before, to unlock Cain, you need 55 cents at one point of your playthrough, and to unlock Magdalene, you need to have 7 total hearts during a playthrough.

In the game, there are many religious references, such as the seven deadly sins being minibosses, the horsemen of the apocalypse being bosses once you’ve killed your mom once, and being able to make deals with the devil. Again, I’m not religious so there are probably more that I didn’t get.

This is probably my shortest game of the month, but this is a really simple game. There isn’t that much to explain. Here’s a video of me playing The Binding of Isaac:

I was going to upload a video here, but then I found out that Fraps doesn’t record The Binding of Isaac, so there won’t be a video. If you want to see gameplay, I highly suggest checking out Totalbiscuit’s WTF is episode on it, or Northernlion’s videos on it.

The Binding of Isaac is a indie game so there are some issues with it, but overall, it’s a great game that I have a lot of fun playing.


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